Due Diligence

If you are thinking of buying or selling your companies and/or assets or venturing into new investment, our due diligence service can help you structure your deal better, reduce your risks as well as highlight opportunities to create value and make your transaction successful.

Our experienced team can assist you in assessing whether to proceed with the transaction or find a way to increase the likelihood of the transaction achieving its objectives. Our professionals can help you structure the deal and prepare you for negotiations.

Our Services

We provide these services:

Financial due diligence

A key aspect of the overall investigation into a transaction with focus on historical and forward-looking financial information of the Company. For acquirers, we perform acquisition financial due diligence where our team assist in providing timely, relevant and value-added reports and advice which normally includes in-depth analysis of underlying historical performance, working capital and cash flows, assets and liabilities, assessment of the quality of underlying earnings, identification of items to consider from a pricing perspective and analysis of the taxation position of the business. We can also review management’s forecast, including working capital requirements of the business. Our reports typically include summary of key issues noted during our review.

Vendor assist or Vendor due diligence

An exercise we perform for the seller of a business to identify potential issues and reduce the risk of these issues being used by the acquirer to seek reduction in the price. We assist you in preparing for a due diligence review to be performed by the potential buyer which may include identifying the required financial information, analysis and reports.

Tax due diligence

We perform procedures to the possible tax liabilities, tax assets, or tax incentives of the target company. We help ensure that the valuation of the investment includes an adequate reserve for future tax assessments. Companies looking for potential investors or selling their businesses also benefit from a Tax Due Diligence Review by becoming aware of their tax risks and thus be able to plan accordingly.

Review / Structuring Advisory

Our tax advocacy team can perform review of the sale purchase agreements and assist in determining the most efficient taxation to execute the transaction. This exercise ensures that key provisions are included in the contract including the guarantees to be provided by the seller to cover potential risks or contingencies.

Our due diligence team consists of professionals with experience with diverse industries who can provide recommendations to address your specific needs. We will work with your legal and other advisors to understand your unique situation and develop timely and wise solutions that fit your requirements. From coming up with effective ways of obtaining contractual protection for risk areas (seller guarantees) to assisting you with tax structuring on complex transactions, our team of senior-level professionals will work closely with you, providing guidance and advice throughout the decision-making process.

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