BIR Issuances – RMC 28-2024

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The BIR advised the public of the Lost Quadruplicate Copy of Previously Cancelled BIR Form No. 0422 – Mission Order with Serial Number MSO200100110823.


Revenue Memorandum Circular (RMC) No. 28-2024

23 February 2024

The form (BIR Form No. 0422 – Mission Order No. MSO200100110823) was reported as lost by Ms. Yolanda H. Receno, Revenue Officer IV, Revenue District Office No. 30, Revenue No. 6, Manila, and has consequently been cancelled.

BIR emphasized that all OFFICIAL TRANSACTIONS involving the use of said form is therefore considered as INVALID.

Copy of the RMC can be accessed below.

RMC No. 28-2024.pdf

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