RT&Co Leaders Take Critical Thinking Skills of their People to the Next Level

Quick and effective situation management separates successful organizations from the rest.

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Last June 18, 2021, the Management Committee and Partners of Reyes Tacandong & Co (RT&Co.) took part in a half-day online course on the Systematic & Creative Thinking Process (SCT) facilitated by RT&Co. Strategic Processes, Inc. (RT&Co. SPI).

The executive training covered a detailed discussion on the tried and tested systematic process of problem-solving, decision-making, and planning. It also aimed to lay the foundation of establishing a common business language among Partners and Managers in the firm to efficiently resolve day-to-day business tasks, especially in the remote work setting. In the 2nd and 3rd Quarter of 2020, more than 100 RT&Co Managers have also been trained using the same framework. Mr. Ho Sun Yee, the Managing Director of RT&Co. SPI emphasized that by having a shared understanding in dealing with problems or decision points, and by asking the right questions, companies can save more time and resources, and better serve the customers.

RT&Co leaders recognize that in a fast-changing and uncertain environment, their people must be equipped with robust critical thinking tools that will help them adapt to adversities and think outside of the box. In his closing remarks, Mr. Protacio T. Tacandong, the COO of RT&Co stressed that all executives must be determined to constantly practice using the Critical Thinking tools for it to be a culture in RT&Co.

RT&Co. SPI is a strategy consulting and human capital development company specializing in critical thinking processes that help organizations transform the way they conduct business. It is a joint venture between RT&Co and Decision Processes International (DPI). To know more about their programs and services, visit their website at www.rtcospi.com.

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