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Discover a system that integrates the multiple facets of the organization such as supply chain, finance and accounting, and payroll to provide decision makers with real-time information.

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Companies need reliable and real-time information to make the right decisions. With real-time data, businesses can improve productivity and streamline the work process. Companies can reduce their overhead and administrative costs if they can act swiftly. Companies can address customer needs and improve overall market satisfaction rates if they have quick information to improve their communication. Through an ERP system, companies can avoid operational bottlenecks, which can help them generate more revenue. While implementing an ERP system brings considerable benefits to the organization, there is also a fair share of risks. A lot of projects have failed because of implementing the wrong strategy. At RT&Co, we empower our clients with the right system that integrates the multiple facets of the organization, such as supply chain, finance and accounting, and payroll. This white paper guide highlights the following to select the best fit ERP system effectively:

  • A 3-phase selection process
  • 12 core features to look for in an ERP system
  • Comparison of 14 common ERP systems

ERP Selection Guide.pdf

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